CIRCUIT Podcast: Yona Lee, Amy Howden-Chapman, Gavin Hipkins.
Hosted by Thomasin Sleigh, September 8, 2021

Making Art in the time of COVID-19: Amy Howden-Chapman,
and Emma McIntyre in the United States

by Chloe Lane, Contemporary​​ HUM​​, 2020.

An Interview with Amy Howden-Chapman & Abby Cunnane,
by Amy Brady for Artists and Climate Change​​, 2019.

Climate Dialogues in "Weather as Medium: Toward a Meteorological Art"
by Janine Randerson, MIT press, 2018.

The Distance Plan - Climate Art
Amy Howden-Chapman interviewed on Radio New Zealand,
29 January 2017.

Facing Environmental Breakdown
By John Hurrell, In Eye Conatct – September, 2016.

Brick Fall,Glass Wall
By Warren Feeney in The Press, July 25 2016

Art in the Age of an Ecological Emergency,
by Sue Gardiner in Art News, Autumn 2015.

The uses of silence: Amy Howden-Chapman’s Advice for our Aerial Ocean,
A Critical Text, Written by Abby Cunnane, commissioned by ARTSPACE NZ

Rainbow Warriors of Light A catalogue text By Victoria Wynne-Jones
to accompany The exhibition, They Say Ten Thousand Years.

Cubism In Titirangi
By Peter Ireland in EyeContact

The Art of Persuasion: The Banner works by Amy Howden-Chapman.
By Biddy Livesey. in Hue & Cry Journal. View PDF

Martin Basher as Curator
by John Hurrell in EyeContact,

Staying Over: Artists From Three Cities
Catalog Text

Drain Lake Project by Thomasin Sleigh
in Runway Magazine, 2011.

Videos in City Gallery Portico
Review By Mark Amery in Eye Contact,

Aesthetic Acts
By Arne De Boever, In 'Primitive Accumulation,' December,2010

Amy Howden-Chapman's Re-enactmaents
Essay by Harold Grieves in OCULUS Issue 1, 2009.

Amy Howden-Chapman, The Flood My Chanting
Review by Thomasin Sleigh in THE LUMIERE READER

The Flood My Chanting, A Critical Response
By Charlotte Huddleston.Commissioned critical responses 04.

Pinned Fabric Pieces and Slides
A Review by John Hurrell, June 7, 2009.

The Story of Three Sentences
Catalog essay by Rita Langley.
Enjoy Public Art Gallery, 2004.