Peak Problems
New York City’s peaker plants are conspicuous emblems of a carbon-intensive energy economy — and its disastrous consequences.
in Urban Omnibus


Before the Surge
As larger projects are debated and delayed, an array of sandbags, earthworks, and other humble infrastructures of defense are emerging across New York City to provide buffers against sea level rise.
in Urban Omnibus


How Weather Lost Its Innocence: An Illustrated History of Extreme Weather Attribution
in The Oxford Climate Review, with Kai Kornhuber.

Writing Derangement: Climate Change and the Novel
in The Distance Plan, Issue #5

The People’s Power
An interview with Lourdes Pérez-Medina and Elizabeth Yeampierre from UPROSE
in Urban Omnibus

The Case of Active Travel
Emphasizing Co-benefits in the Framing of Climate Policy

in Urban Review.

Lavender Lane
Getting to the bottom of a mysterious streak of purple cropping up along Manhattan’s eastern edge.
in Urban Omnibus


Building Consensus
Buildings are responsible for two thirds of greenhouse gas emissions in New York City. Can tenants, landlords, and environmentalists finally get together to make them more efficient?
in Urban Omnibus

Presenting it, proclaiming it: Using art to present place-based climate knowledge
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in Counterfutures, journal. Issue #5


The Distance Plan, Issue #4 Editorial (Part 1)
Evolving Vocabulary / Governance Reframed, Infrastructure Replanned: A shared Future of Abundance ?
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The Distance Plan, Issue #3 An Essay to Begin
Together with Abby Cunnane
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Outline for a Syllabus: Art, Ethics, & Climate Change
Together with Fiona Conner,
in N-o-nS…e;nSI/c::::a_L,
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Unlimited Shelf Life / Survery For Changes,
Writing and page works. In collaboration with Bjarki Bragason.
In ‘Archive on the Run’, a Living Art Museum publication.
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Sharon Lockhart / Noa Eshkol, A Catalogue
The Art Book Review


George Herms: Xenophilia (Love of the Unknown) at MOCA PDC, Los Angeles
Prism of Reality Issue 1. Number 2012
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Made in LA. A Review
Column for the Chartwell Trust Website. July 2012

Andrea Zittel at Regen Projects.
Column for the Chartwell Trust Website. March 2012


On Impulsive Control an Installation by Melodie Mousse

Interior designing the gallery: Light and Shadow, Wall Texture, and Chandeliers in Los Angeles
Column for the Chartwell Trust Website. September 2011


Sculpture and Smoke, Art in London and Rotterdam.
Column for the Chartwell Trust Website. June 2010.

Stories and Songs before Bedtime
Column for the Chartwell Trust Website. June 2010


Notes on Half a Page: The work of Fiona Conner.
In Matters, Issue 3.
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What Depressions Look Like
in Hue & Cry, Issue Three: Good Times, Bad Times
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Notes on Los Angeles.
Column for the Chartwell Trust Website. November 2009

Talking with my Favorites.
Natural Selection. Issue 7
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A Week of Talk in Sport,35. Winter 2007

Outline for a Syllabus.pdf

Culture and Sustainability:
Oil and Water. A response to Sophie Jerram's Oil on troubled Water exhibition.


Fifteen Adventures in the World of People
Stories published in Sport 34: Winter 2006

On Sandra Schmidt's Exhibition Hinterland