Insults against a 1960s Environmentalist calls attention to the personal attacks made against writer Rachel Carson after her seminal exposé of the chemical industry, Silent Spring. The insults, slurs, and criticisms heaped upon Carson ranged from lifestyle put-downs “health nut” and “spinster” to more openly political statements such as “communist sympathizer.” These insults mark the genesis of the illogical divide between economic progress and environmental protection, while foreshadowing the other progressive movements that would arise to confront the sexism and homophobia faced by Carson.

Displacements (2019)

Behind “next-day delivery” is an international shipping network that accounts for 2.2% of global carbon emissions. Ground transport accounts for more. Largely hidden from consumers, the international shipping economy will be one of the most difficult sectors to decarbonize, not least because it transcends national borders.

Displacements responds to the ways these systems of transportation and the precarious labor they necessitate have become omnipresent while their costs remain unacknowledged. With today’s distribution model requiring that goods hover closer to consumers, trucks act like roving warehouses while workers sort packages on the edge of city streets. Climate impacts are labeled, scanned, rolled, lifted, loaded, unloaded, placed, and displaced.

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